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About Us

Combining a passion for local produce and healthy eating, Terra's Treasures brings the goodness of the local farm to your table. A good habit is usually deemed to take 21 to 30 days to adopt, this is why we offer you the opportunity to get into the habit of choosing the delectable locally-grown vegetables and fruits that our company offers throughout this summer. 

Irina Opris, started this venture as part of the Summer Company program, with the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre. She is a second year Kinesiology student at the University of Waterloo who takes an active interest in healthy choices: healthy diet, physical exercise and an overall balanced approach to life. Her involvement in various volunteer activities has allowed her to better understand the impact good choices can have on the overall wellness of a person, reason for which she decided to impart her passion with you, through Terra's Treasures. 

Contact us with any questions or inquiries; don't forget to place your order; and enjoy a summer of delightful vegetables and fruits!